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Golden Path: Stožec - Volary

Follow the historical Golden Path with us.

The deep, vast and mysterious border forests have always been intertwined with important trade routes that linked the Slavic East with the Roman South and the Germanic West.

The most famous of these trade routes is the Golden Path. Come along with us and discover interesting historical places in the area.

The trip begins in Stožec village, which is easily accessible and can be reached by train or bus. From Stožec we will follow the Hornokrásnohorská path, which will take us to Mláka, where we will finally put our foot the Golden Path and continue to Volary, which is the destination of our trip.

The route is just over 20 km long.

Not to be missed on the route:

  • Lookout at the former village of Kamenná hlava, which gained its name thanks to the nearby head-like rock.
  • Soumarské peat bogs, located near Soumarský bridge.
  • The Golden Path Tree Alley in Volary, which is truly exceptional and thus belongs among the protected memorial trees of the Czech Republic.