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Stožec Chapel

A romantic pilgrimage chapel in the middle of the forest.

The Stožec Chapel is located at 950 meters above sea level. The path to this wooden pilgrimage chapel goes through the forest. A nice ending of the whole trail is the viewpoint from Stožecká Rock, which stands directly above the chapel.

Healing spring

The chapel was built in 1791 by a blacksmith from Volary, Jakoubek Klauser, to express his gratitude for the miraculous healing of his eyesight.

Thanks to the alleged healing effects of the local spring and the miraculous image of the Virgin Mary, the chapel was a sought-after place of pilgrimage for both Czechs and Bavarians. This is evidenced by the fact that on August 15, 1920 an incredible 5600 people gathered at the chapel for worship.

The main pilgrimage always takes place on the first Sunday after 14 August.

Decay and reconstruction

The chapel deteriorated during the communist era of Czechoslovakia. However, after the revolution, Mr. Kocourek reconstructed the chapel and inaugurated it in 1988. The chapel was again consecrated by former Cardinal Miloslav Vlk.