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Owl Trail in Stožec

Entertaining way of exploration of the forest world

An interactive route called the "Forest Games Area" was built near the village of Stožec, which informs visitors about the life in the forest, the restoration of the forest and the importance of decaying wood.

The trail begins approximately one kilometer from the NPS Information Center, where you can get the worksheets that you will complete while walking along the Owl Trail.

Thirteen stops line the route, showing the forest ecosystem, in which they are located, in a fun way. It is a round trip back to Stožec, which is partly paved and measures 4.5 km. The Owl Trail itself is 1.6 km long. The „animal guide“ to your exploration of the forest fauna and flora is the White-tailed Owl.

Photo source:  Jitka Erbenová, (CC BY-SA 3.0)