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Soumarské Peat Bogs

Nature trail with remarkable views.

Soumarské peat bog is located near Lenora in the valley called Vltavský luh. It has evolved since the end of the Ice Age about 9,000 years ago. It is an island of a cold-tempered nature, however, it has changed over the past decades due to peat extraction.

Man has disturbed peat-forming processes, water regime and microclimate, and many species of plants and animals have disappeared. The peat bog was later revitalized and left to natural development, and fortunately, the disappeared flora and animals, such as many species of butterflies, vipers, birds, distinctive cotton grass, and many other species, have been reappearing in the area.

A kilometer-long educational trail that ends at a two-storey 10-meter-high lookout tower leads through the peat-bog, from which you can see the entire 95-hectare moorland. It is also possible to see Stožec, the ridge of Boubín and the Želnava Hills.