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Conditions for using photographs from the JCCR photo bank

The photographs are provided by South Bohemian Tourism free of charge for promotional purposes domestically and internationally.

You can download photographs from the photo bank free of charge, but only for promotional and non-commercial purposes, for publication abroad and domestically. Non-commercial use refers to publication in print periodicals and not-for-sale promotional materials (e.g., travel agency catalogs and not-for-sale promotional leaflets or not-for-sale publications or publication in the electronic catalog of a travel agency on the Internet). In print periodicals (newspapers, magazines), individual photographs can only be used for news reporting purposes, and only to a justifiable extent. Moreover, journalists can use the photographs for the purposes of promoting the South Bohemian Region. In other cases, use without the author’s consent is regarded as copyright violation.


If you are interested in using a photograph for commercial purposes (e.g., in publications for sale), it is absolutely necessary to approach its author. The author of a work has to give consent to using it. Violation of the below rights of the photo bank operator will immediately result in enforcement of remedy in the form of a proceeding before general courts. Alongside the above legal action, compensation for damage incurred will be demanded. At the same time, users are not allowed to use individual photographs or their sets systematically or repeatedly, which would contravene the legitimate interests of the database operator. The photo bank must not be used excessively, in reference to both individual photographs and their sets, for purposes that do not infringe on the photo bank operator’s copyright when used normally (e.g., create a database on the web site of a travel agency composed of photographs acquired from this photo bank). Photo bank users are not entitled to use even a smaller quantity of downloaded photographs in conflict with the legitimate interests of the database operator (JCCR). Use of the photo bank must not violate the author’s exclusive right to grant consent for use in any promotional materials, publications or calendars for sale that are used for commercial purposes.