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Vltava Cycling Trail: Nová Pec - Vyšší Brod

Attractive and easy trail along the Schwarzenberg Canal and Lipno.

You will start your trip in Nová Pec, where you can reach the Schwarzenberg Canal after 4 km. It is a navigation canal built in 1789-1822, used for rafting wood - especially firewood for the supply of Vienna. Local forests were formerly private and belonged to the Schwarzenberg family. The channel was designed by forest engineer Josef Rosenauer and is considered a technical monument of Central European importance.

You can have lunch in Přední or Zadní Zvonková village.

The route continues along the right bank of the Lipno reservoir. You will cycle through Rakouská zátoka (Austrian Bay) - as the name itself suggests, the bay shore extends to the Austrian border.

If you feel like cycling some more, you can stretch the route and turn right just behind the Austrian bay, where you can reach the ruins of the Vítkův kámen castle by the bike path.

At the Lipno dam, cross to the other side of the Vltava and drive through the beautiful section around the Devil's Streams from Loučovice to Vyšší Brod, where you will find many restaurants and also accommodation.