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Certova stena

Impressive rock formations over a wild river surrounded by wild legends.

In the Čertova stěna-Luč National Nature Reserve you can see unique rock formations and stone sea full of massive boulders. From the vantage point, there is a unique view of the most famous formation – Ďáblova kazatelna (the Devil's Pulpit). The sunset is especially impressive here.

Looking down you will see the Vltava river with massive boulders. This section of the Vltava is called Certovy proudy (Devil's streams). Here, the water has plucked boulders into quirky shapes, such as a pot with a diameter greater than a meter. This section is considered one of the most difficult natural slalom courses in the world.

How did Čertovy proudy formed? One of the legends says that the devil wanted to destroy the newly built Vyšší Brod monastery. He wanted to build a dam to tear it down later and flood the monastery. But he couldn't finish it in one night, so the work remained unfinished.