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Cistercian Abbey Vyšší Brod

The only functioning male monastery in the Czech Republic.

One of the most important cultural monuments in South Bohemia. The monastery was founded by Vok of Rosenberg in 1259. However, the construction of the monastery took more than 100 years. Under the chancel of the monastery church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary is the main tomb of the Rožmberk family, with almost 40 of them resting here.

The monastery is a treasury of many valuables, such as Záviš's cross made of pure gold, which is decorated with jewels and pearls, or the Vyšší Brod Madonna. A relic from the cross on which Jesus Christ died is said to be placed in the cross. The local library contains more than 70,000 book volumes and is also the third largest monastery library in the Czech Republic.

Even today, monks live here according to the Order of St. Benedict and their daily routines follow a strict schedule.

The monastery church, the monk's chancel, the main altar, the chapel and the philosophical hall are open to visitors. There is also a postal museum.