Vítkův castle

The highest situated castle in the Czech Republic.

Vítkův Castle founded by the Vítkovci family dates back to the 13th century and is the highest situated castle in the Czech Republic. There is a residential tower called Donjon, which is open to the public and serves as a lookout tower. From the top of the tower you can see the Šumava, Lipno and, in good visibility, the Alps (Dachstein).

The castle is on a hill above the village of Svatý Tomáš with a church of the same name. It is a century younger than Vítkův Castle, however, the Romanesque sacristy on the north side of the shrine is even older, it was built in 1258 by Vítek of Krumlov. The church was renovated in 1991 as it was in danger of collapse.

In Svatý Tomáš, you can refresh yourself, have something to eat, and spend the night. It is a popular tourist destination with good hospitality and accommodation services.