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Beer Trail - Route 4

Up and down, or the Šumava beer trail.

The Šumava beer trip will lead you from Vimperk through the Boubín lookout tower and the forest all the way to Volary. The route is just over 29 km long and it is quite arduous, however, don't you think the beautiful nature and fresh Šumava air is worth it? We do.

Breweries on the route

1. Bobík Microbrewery

The microbrewery was inaugurated in 2013 together with the opening of the Bobík Hotel in Volary. This microbrewery is also known as the Gabretus Municipal Brewery.

Produced beers: light unfiltered, dark half-and-half, hemp beer, specials.

✓ Guided tour option

2. Vimperk Šumava Brewery

The brewery was founded in 2010 and you will find it at the lower end of Vimperk Square. It is based on traditional methods and follows the long tradition of brewing beer in Vimperk.

Produced beers: light lager, semi-dark lager, dark special, hibiscus lager, wheat beer, ginger special, honey special, malt special, amber Doppelbock, dark Doppelbock, Märzenbier.

✓ Guided tour option

Breweries off the route

There are three breweries in the vicinity of the beer route, and it is entirely up to you to decide whether or not to include them in your trip.

  • Prachatice Brewery
  • Horní Chrášťany Microbrewery
  • Kvilda Bakery Microbrewery

These breweries are relatively far from our beer route. If you decide to extend your trip, we recommend using a bus.