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Chateau Vimperk

Renaissance chateau with a unique painted ceiling.

Due to the reconstruction in progress, the interiors of the castle, incl. the expositions, are currently closed. The first sightseeing tour will be open between July and August 2019. The entire renovation will be completed in 2021.


Vimperk Castle has rich history since it was inhabited by various noble families. First Janovic, later the Malovec family and then Rosenbergs, who originally converted the Gothic castle into a Renaissance chateau. The castle was founded in the 13th century as a guard fortress.

Painted ceiling

The last owner of the castle, Volf Novohradský of Kolovraty, built the Lower Castle hiding a vast painted ceiling of 250 square meters, which is unique in the whole of Central Europe. In 2010, the chateau was declared a national cultural monument.