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Boubín Forest and Lake

The largest preserved forest in Central Europe

The Boubín Forest (1362 m above sea level) rises over the 47-hectare Boubín Forest. The forest is a diverse ecosystem with a variety of fungi, plants and lichens. An interesting phenomenon is the decaying wood in various stages of decomposition and spruce trees, which are up to 500 years old and some reach a height of over 50 m.

The Boubín lake is also a reserve, which served as a tank for timber navigation. This is where a nature trail begins. There is a beautiful view of the Šumava mountains from the top of the Boubín lookout tower.

Photo source: Kozuch, (CC BY-SA 4.0), Chmee2, (CC BY 3.0), Chmee2 (CC BY 3.0)