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Vltava cycling trail: Kvilda - Nová Pec

Beautiful ride through the Šumava forests with views of Bavaria, the Alps and the sights of communism.

The trek along the entire Vltava River begins at Kvilda. This mountain village is the highest village in the Czech Republic (1049 meters above sea level) and its foundation dates back to the mid-14th century. The Neo-Gothic Church of St. Stephen with a shingle roof and a visitor center of the National Park with a mountain forest exposition are both worth a visit.

The first stop is the Vltava Spring, where you can throw a coin for luck and the successful rest of the trip without a puncture.

Then you will pass Bučina, the former highest settlement in Bohemia (1153 m above sea level). In good weather, you can see the Dachstein in the Alps. Be sure to stop by the Iron Curtain replica and refresh yourself in the adjacent Alpine View Hotel.

On the bike path you can reach Strážný, where you can find e.g. fish restaurant and plenty of accommodation and eating options.

From Strážné, follow the Krásnohorská path with beautiful views of Bavaria and the extinct settlements.

In Stožec you will follow the bike path along the tracks, so you will manage to get to the end of this section quite quickly. Alternatively, you can sit on the train and go to Nová Pec in case you feel too tired.