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On a motor boat from České Budějovice

Liven up your day by a boat ride to Hluboká.

Would you like to provide your children an unforgettable experience for life? Or are you looking for a romantic, undemanding trip for a couple?

In the very center of České Budějovice at the Lanna's dockyard, you can rent a motor boat that you do not need to take any exams for. Rental staff will only explain the boat's controls, and you can get on board and set off. The boats can carry 4 or more people, making it an interesting trip for smaller groups.

Take the boat down the river. Go through the Vrbné lock, which is free of charge. You can anchor at Hluboká and see the castle or the zoo.

You can go through the lock in Hluboká nad Vltavou (again for free) and discover various corners of the Hněvkovice Dam.