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Hluboká nad Vltavou ZOO

Get to know animals from all over the world.

The zoo will impress you with its pleasant environment and tranquility. One of the attractions is the location of the zoo, right next to the Munický pond. As a result, they can breed carp in their natural habitat. You can even feed them from a footbridge over the pond.

Chovány jsou zde především evropské druhy zvířat. Nechybí ale, ani druhy pocházející z Afriky, Austrálie nebo Ameriky. 

A unique experience is the evening guided tour of the animal nightlife. For the youngest, there is a popular free range of dwarf goats.

A little bit of history

The zoo was opened on May 1, 1939, as part of the Ohrada Museum. Since then, the garden has gone a long way in development, then stagnation, and despite the threat of dissolution, the zoo was eventually rescued, and since 1972 has operated as a separate unit. In recent years, the complex has been modernized and expanded with several new pens.