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Hluboká nad Vltavou Castle

Magnificent and romantic castle.

Hluboká nad Vltavou Castle is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful chateaux in the Czech Republic.

The interior is just as spectacular and decorated as the exterior. The walls and ceilings are richly decorated with woodcarvings. Portraits by European artists as well as portraits of Schwarzenberg family members decorate individual rooms along with valuables such as hunting trophies and weapons.

Guided tours

Representative rooms

Luxuriously decorated rooms from the 19th century with the most precious furniture. Representative rooms include a morning parlor, reading room with library, smoking salon, dining room and personal rooms of Princess Eleonora.

Private apartments

The apartments differ from the representative rooms - they have a more intimate character. The tour introduces the private life of the last castle owners.


How did they cook in the castle? The kitchen was deliberately placed in the basement to keep the castle from being disturbed. The authentic kitchen equipment was still used after 1945.


The view from the castle tower offers a bird's-eye view of the castle and the park. You can climb the tower only in good weather. If the weather is bad the tower is closed.

Guest rooms

The guided tour leads to the apartments and rooms that were used for guest accommodation. The route also includes Stříbrnice, a collection of Schwarzenberg silverware.

Winter tour

As the name suggests, even in winter the tour guides are ready for curious visitors. The route will take you to private suites, and will show you Hamilton's Lounge, Smoking Lounge, Dr. Adolf's dining room, and others.

Brief history

Originally, the castle was to serve as a guarding castle and was often pledged by Czech kings. Several important families lived at the castle through its history (Pernštejn family, noble family of the Lord of Hradec, Malovec family, Schwarzenberg family). Everyone who lived in the castle left here an indelible print in the form of building modifications to the castle and its surroundings. The largest and most significant was the reconstruction between 1840 and 1871. The model for the adaptation was the Royal Windsor Castle. Then, the castle got the form it has today.