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Beer Trail - Route 5

"Gee, this place here is beautiful ... It's like Krumlov!"

Tento pivní výlet začíná v historickém městě Český Krumlov a povede vás krásnou přírodou až do obce Zlatá Koruna, ze které se můžete vrátit zpět autobusem nebo vlakem. Trasa je dlouhá téměř 16 km.

Breweries on the route

1. Český Krumlov Historical Brewery

This brewery builds on the long tradition of brewing beer in Český Krumlov, which has been associated with the town since it's founding in the 13th century. Its aim is to return good old South Bohemian beer to the brewery, with quality ingredients and procedures.

Produced beers: light lager filtered and unfiltered, dark lager filtered and unfiltered, dark smoked lager, specials.

✗ No commented tour available

2. Glokner Brewery

The brewery in Svachova Lhotka was founded in 2013 and the name Glokner is derived from the bell tower with a bell of the same name. The entire brewery is conceived in an industrial style. One of the technological attractions of this brewery is the supply of beer directly to the bar. The length of the entire beer piping is 50 meters.

Produced beers: light lager, semi-dark lager, low alcoholic beer (seasonal only), light wheat weizen (seasonal only), Sout dark beer (seasonal only), Pale Ale / IPA (seasonal only), Märzen (seasonal only).

✓ Guided tour option

Breweries off the route

There is one more brewery in the neighborhood of the beer route and it is entirely up to you to decide whether or not to include it in your trip.

  • Vyšší Brod microbrewery

This brewery is relatively far from our beer route. So if you decide to extend your trip, we recommend using a bus.