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Žďákovský Bridge

Unique single-arch bridge across the Vltava.

The Orlická dam is bridged by quite unique bridges. Their bridge structures are rare in the context of both Czech and world construction. The bridge, which is definitely one of the most unique ones, bears the name Žďákovský.

In 1967 it crossed the Vltava valley near Orlík nad Vltavou and at the time of its creation it was the largest single-arch steel bridge in the world. Today it can still be in the top ten bridges of its type in the world.

The bridge, named after a nearby settlement flooded during the filling of the Orlík reservoir, connects the banks of the Vltava River near the village of Orlík nad Vltavou and leads along it from Milevsko to Březnice. It is accessible for tourists by several paths or nature trail Zvíkov - Orlík. At both ends of the bridge you will find parking lots, tourist signposts and educational boards. Refreshment stalls and an excellent restaurant are also available on the left bank. From the bridge, there is a beautiful view of the Orlík reservoir and the view of the bridge construction from the path below it is also interesting. Žďákov has been known as a road crossing the Vltava River since time immemorial. In the tourist season, regular boat transport line Zvíkov - Orlík can be observed under the bridge.

Bridge in numbers

Bridge length: 542.91 m
Span between pillars: 379.6 m
Bridge height above the surface: 50 m
Bridge weight: 4,116 tons