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Aquarium Orlík

A little world of Czech fish.

In Orlík nad Vltavou, we can find a nice exhibition of Czech freshwater fish. These include well-known carp, pike, perch or trout and other fish of our waters. Many visitors will also appreciate a chance to see eel or crayfish, which are rare in our country.

In the aquarium exhibition, there are also photographs with the history of the Orlík dam, which map its beginnings. It is possible to see dozens of photographs depicting the surroundings of the Orlík Castle with its churches and residential buildings.

Legendary Atlantic salmon

Visitors can see an exhibition of live Atlantic salmon (also called Labe Salmon), which used to migrate in the Vltava river until the construction of barriers and dams on the river. The exhibition introduces their life in Czech rivers to the 20th century, when they died out.

You can also see the white catfish and other Orlík dam fish.

If you are hungry after the exhibition, go to the local restaurant, where they serve trout on herbs or potato cones with ground poppy seeds.