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To Kleť from Krumlov

A half to full-day "escape from Krumlov" for a beautiful view and delicious food.

The trip starts in Vyšný, where you can get by public transport from Český Krumlov, drive by car or walk 3 km on foot.

The trail leads along the tourist signs across the Blanský les PLA. At about the middle of the climb, you will go past a well, from which you can refresh and drink. The trip is viable all year round.

You can visit the observatory on the top, go up to the lookout tower and enjoy the views from the Alps to Temelín, and refresh yourself in the pub. Here you can taste the chef's specialties, which attract many locals who would normally not go to Kleť. Warning: because of the large portions in the restaurant, you can easily gain more calories than you actually burn on your hike :)

Before every holiday, local tourists usually go up to Kleť because the pub is open until the late night (just be aware that in such cases it usually opens at 22:00 in the evening).