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Kleť Lookout Tower

View of the South Bohemian landscape from the oldest observation tower in Bohemia.

Kleť is an important landmark of South Bohemia. It is a place popular with tourist of all ages.

The highest mountain of the Blanský Forest is visible from a considerable part of South Bohemia as a long ridge with a typical silhouette of a famous observation tower and a television transmitter. You can experience the most beautiful view in South Bohemia, and if you are lucky, you will also see the distant peaks of the Alps.

Tip: In addition to the observation tower, you can also visit the world-famous observatory, from which 1019 asteroids have been discovered.

From the car park at the cable car in Krásetín, either about an hour on foot (2 km with an elevation of 410 m), or on a chair lift cableway, 1792 m long, in 15 minutes. You can place skis and bikes on the seats and then ride back on them, or experience an adrenaline ride on borrowed scooters. Fares are reduced for school trips.

Tip: From Kleť, you can go back to Český Krumlov on a scooter, which will be lent to you by the Kleť Scooter rental. You will experience an unforgettable ride through the Blanský forest - Protected Landscape Area with an elevation gain of 570 meters and you will end your 11-kilometer journey in the Krumlov Camp. You can find more information at