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Bicycle circuit over Kleť and Kluk peaks via local trails

The best local trails and paths in one day in Krumlov.

The route is for experienced cyclists, since it is both physically and technically quite demanding.

As soon as you leave Krumlov towards Kleť, you will follow hiking trails and tourist marks with a steep climb. However, at the top of Kleť you can have a great lunch, or just not hesitate and take a playful nature trail to Krasetín and refresh yourself there.

The route continues through Křemže, with yet another climb up to the local school building. If you manage to get there without getting off the saddle, it will be a performance worthy of admiration! Behind Křemže you will go up to Haberský vrch near Kluk, and then go down to the other side of the hill by trails built by local bikers. You can look forward to jumps (but you can easily avoid them by riding past them).

Later you can discuss your experiences from the trails in the pub at the train station in Vrábče, where those who are too tired can take a train back to Český Krumlov.

The return route follows the easier part of the beautiful Fritsch Trail to the Dívčí Kámen castle ruin. Not far from it, there is one more chance to have a drink in the pub U Hamru.

When you leave the pub, you can ride or push the bike up the steep path to Třísov opiddum. The rest of the route leads along the cycling path through Zlatá Koruna to Český Krumlov.