Makerday České Budějovice

MakerDay events are part of a worldwide movement of so-called makers. Makers are people who like to create new things with their own hands using new technologies such as 3D printing, invent new things and remake (hack) old ones. Makers are a living community, sharing their ideas and know-how.
DIY also has a rich tradition in the Czech Republic, and it is the MakerDay event that represents the ideal combination of technology and human skills. This year's MakerDay has a broader - social - dimension. Its goal is to support the restoration of public life and culture after the covid lockdown.

The event is intended for the public and is free.


Throughout the Makerday, the Discoveries will offer over 20 different activities and one-off workshops.

The Discoverarium Makerday will also include organized workshops for the public, where you can make LED jewelry, combat or drawing robots from recycled materials.

  • Leonardium exhibition activities - popular engineering activities, eg ball tracks, hydraulics, mechanics (gears), electrical circuits, large kits
  • Bee robots in the maze - little people interested in robotics can play with very easily programmable robots that can go through the maze
  • Working with wood / screwing / hammering nails / cutting / gluing - practice these activities or make small objects straight away
  • Drawing with light - create a drawing with light and capture it in a photo
  • Manufacture of rockets
  • Chemical experiments in the mobile biological laboratory of the Biological Center of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic
  • Biological experiments
  • Giant bubbles
  • Sewing from pieces of fabric

From the joint creation of the participants, a work of art will be created, which will be dedicated to the city of České Budějovice, which is the main partner of the whole event.

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