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Výří skály Nature Reserve

Rocky promontory on the right bank of the Otava river.

The Výří skály (Horn-owl Rocks) Nature Reserve was named after the local nesting place of our largest owl (horn-owl), and a rocky promontory that rises several meters above the surface. From the tops of the rocks there is a beautiful view of the meandering Otava.

The area is located about two kilometers from the village of Oslov and can be reached by the green-marked tourist route from the village of Tukleky. The green trail continues to Zvíkov Castle. The nature reserve is also accessible from the water, where you can anchor on the exposed rocky shore. In addition to the horn-owl, there are other particularly protected animals and plants in the reserve.

The path quality in the nature reserve may deteriorate during frequent rains.

Photo source: Chmee2, (CC BY 3.0)