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Vráž Spa

An ideal place for rest and relaxation.

The Vráž spa near Písek has a long tradition. The basis for the provision of spa care was the chateau building built in 1875 in the Neo-Gothic style by the Czech noble family Lobkowicz. The castle was sold at the beginning of the 1930s and a sanatorium was built inside the noble residence. Therapeutic and accommodation pavilions were built, from which the functionalist style is still visible.

The development of spa industry in Vráž started in 1926, when the chateau was bought by an auxiliary association for care and health of officials and servants in Prague. It soon sold it to the Sickness Insurance Company. The insurance company completed the sanatorium complex by constructing a healing and accommodation (Jubilee) pavilion and on 11 January 1936 the sanatorium was officially opened.

Today, the spa will offer both wellness stays and therapeutic stays, including treatment of neurological, rheumatological and orthopedic diseases, including post-traumatic and post-operative conditions.

For public
It is also possible to attend individual wellness procedures. The chateau café, the park or the swimming pool and sauna are open to the public. Bicycle rental is also available.