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Vystrkov Nature Park

A natural monument with typical vegetation of the floodplain along the Otava river.

The Vltava River and the Otava River flow together down at the Zvíkov Castle. You will notice this only thanks to the descriptions, because thanks to the Lake of Orlice it seems that there is only a large lake around Zvíkov. The rivers have lost their ferocity and have calm levels by the time they reach the confluence. The whole valley around the castle is also interesting. It is rocky with vast forests and here and there the waters bite into the rock and form picturesque bays.

If we go from Zvíkov upstream of the Otava river, we will encounter two of its tributaries. The rivers Skalice and Lomnice on the stream above the lake Orlík resemble the Šumava rivers. They are lively, rocky and there are many interesting natural landmarks and beautiful countryside views. An important natural monument is Vystrkov. It is protected as a natural monument because of the typical vegetation of the floodplain, which is located southeast of Karlov (near Čimelice). The monument is accessible by the blue tourist sign from the local part Karlov towards Ostrovec, which is about 2 km long. It ends at the railway bridge crossing the Lomnice River.