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Rock dwelling - Lhotka u Mělníka

Interesting rock farmstead carved out in sandstone blocks.

The rock dwelling in Lhotka near Mělník is an example of an ancient farm set in sandstone rock. Inside, there is a room, a granary, a cellar, a barn and a hall.

Rock dwelling in Lhotka belong to the longest inhabited and most interesting ones of that kind. In fact, it is the whole farmstead squeezed into a sandstone block on the edge of the village. The room is marked by a whitewashed exterior wall with two windows. One entrance door leads into the hall and the other into the barn, behind which it is possible to descend into the cellar. Two small windows on the first floor include a former granary. The compound is completed by the buildings of the former butcher shop and another small farm building. This rock dwelling is a testament to the unusual design methods and a frequent way in which poor people used to deal with their housing.