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Museum of the Schwarzenberg Navigation Canal

The Chvalšin Museum on the life of the author and his work, the Schwarzenberg Timber Navigation Canal.

The Museum of the Schwarzenberg Timber Navigation Canal in Chvalšiny is located in the reconstructed historical building of the original town hall on the town square, which is the birthplace of the author of the Schwarzenberg Navigation Canal, Josef Rosenauer.

The museum is dedicated to the author of the Schwarzenberg Timber Navigation Canal. The exhibits depicting the life of J. Rosenauer are appropriately interlaced with documents, paintings, photographs, material exhibits and historical objects giving a comprehensive image of the origins, meaning and current state of the navigation canal and its surroundings. Everything is suitably complemented by an exhibition on the topic of forestry and timber in Šumava.

Photo source: Jan Polák, (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Another part of the museum is devoted to the nature and historical development of the village with cultural and natural attractions until today.Další část muzea je věnována přírodě a historickému vývoji obce s kulturními i přírodními zajímavostmi až do současnosti.