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Church of St. Mary Magdalene in Chvalšiny

Parish church of St. Mary Magdalene in late Gothic style.

Parish Church of St. Mary Magdalene in late Gothic style, built between 1487 and 1507 on the site of the original older church. It is a significant work of the Rosenberg building and one of the most beautiful works of late Gothic in the whole of South Bohemia.

The church was preserved in the pure late Gothic style, even though it was rebuilt in the early Baroque (in the middle of the 17th century) and Neo-Gothic (in 1886 - 1887). Subsequently, a central Marian chapel (1761) and a chancel were built. Perhaps the only violation of the original composition was the heightening of the tower in 1773. The original tower height is marked by the location of gargoyles above the clock floor. The temple ship has been preserved almost in its original form, including some late Gothic window tracery. The presbytery of the Chvalšiny church is octagonal in shape and is vaulted with a beautiful star-shaped vault. The year above the altar is 1494, which, until recently, determined the age of the church. The churchyard around the church was surrounded by a wall. It was abolished in 1838.