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Menhirs (standing stones) in Volary

Thousand-year-old stones blazing with Celtic energy.

If you set out from Volary along the nature trail towards Zelené Dvory, just behind the village you will reach the beautiful U Dvou Líp hill with 11 menhirs.

Although they were erected in April 2007, their age is estimated to be several thousand years. Originally they stood on a nameless plateau in the Krušné Mountains, where they formed the remnants of a roundel (prehistoric circular buildings), which had to be removed due to the road construction. Geologist and chemist Ing. Pavel Polák has contributed to their rescue and transfer over Volary.

11 menhirs are also placed in a roundel, which is partly conceived as a shrine, partly as an observatory. The tallest, visionary stele, stands in the middle. The other stones are set in two intersecting pentagrams. They are not placed randomly or regularly, but according to the position of the sun on the summer and winter solstice.

Photo source: Stepankonicek (CC BY-SA 3.0)