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Holašovice - Peasant Baroque

Uniquely preserved houses of the South Bohemian Baroque.

Holašovice in the Blanský les PLA is one of the most picturesque South Bohemian places. Local estates in the South Bohemian peasant Baroque style have been included in the UNESCO list since 1998. The village square full of houses with decorative gables, wells, a pond and a baroque chapel make this one of the most beautiful villages in Bohemia. Traditional festivities with demonstrations of crafts and a number of traditional folk events are held there every year. The place is also famous for filming the movie The Bartered Bride based on Bedřich Smetana's opera.

There are 23 historic houses in total that are characterized by stucco decoration of peasant/rustic baroque. The village is largely private property of the local people and thanks to its location outside the busy routes the place has retained its original character.

Near the village, the so-called Holašovice ring is also worth visiting, which is made up of 25 boulders and attracts with its magical appearance. They were inaugurated in 2008 by Mr. Václav Jílek, a local citizen.