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Abbot's Trail

Take a walk through the picturesque surroundings of Vyšší Brod.

The abbet's trail begins at the monastery in Vyšší Brod, more precisely at the Rosenberg Gate of the monastery. It winds through the Hamerský brook valley, also known as the Dolní Vltavice. Abbey Trail I is a circular trail of 3.5 kilometers and is marked with a yellow hiking trail. If you follow the signs, the path will take you back to the monastery.

On the way there is a well, which is said to have healing powers, and there are impressive Wolfgang Waterfalls at the end of the trail. The second trail with blue markings also leads from the monastery and is surrounded by interesting information boards.

The trail is suitable even for small children thanks to the minimal elevation.

Photo source: Jitka Erbenová(CC BY-SA 3.0), Dragon881228,(CC BY 3.0)