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Brdy PLA

The area of impenetrable forests and rare fauna and flora species made available only in 2016.

In the 20th century, Brdy began to be a paradise for hikers and tramps, for it takes only an hour from the capital city of Prague and the tourists found themselves in the region of deep forests, stone seas, moors, and flowing springs. Then a part of this beautiful natural area became an artillery shooting range with limited access. Only on New Year's Day 2016, the first visitors were to return to Brdy.

Soldiers who moved out of there had not cultivate the land, and so paradoxically they contributed to the preservation of rare and unique species of flora and fauna. In the little lakes created by heavy vehicles, rare species such as the Great Crested Newt, Yellow-bellied Toad, or Tadpole Shrimp live surprisingly successfully today. In Brdy it is also possible to see the sea eagle, the black stork or the otter.

Access to the Brdy Protected Landscape Area is now available to both hikers and cyclists, who must adhere to a ban on entering the still used military sites. Visitors arriving by car can park in the surrounding villages.

A romantic view of the Brdy hills and the whole landscape is provided by a view from Jindřichův skála.