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Mining Museum Příbram

One of the largest mining museums in Europe.

The expositions placed in historical operational and administrative buildings takes the visitors to the rich past of the mining of silver, uranium and other ores, and to the underground tour as a miner.

The expositions are located in the original operational and administrative buildings of three mines - Ševčinský, Anenský and Vojtěch - and show the rich history of Příbram mining and metallurgy, but also the overall development of the region.

The tours of several kilometers of underground shafts are very attractive for visitors. They can take you to the underground with a lift, or through a 260 m long Prokop tunnel to the mouth of the deepest shaft reaching as deep as 1,600 meters. Since 2006, a mining train has been in operation that connects Ševčinský Mine with the Vojtěch Mine.

The most valuable technical monuments of the museum include a huge water wheel from the 19th century with a diameter of 12.4 meters, two unique steam mining machines, or a shaft tower of the Ševčinský mine from 1879, which was proposed for inclusion in the UNESCO list of technical monuments.

The four museum branches are also interesting: the Nový Knín Gold Museum specialized in gold-mining, the Prostřední Lhota Granary Museum, which introduces the life of the rural population and the Vojna Memorial to the victims of communism in Příbram (there used to be a forced labor camp and a camp for political prisoners in 1949-1961).