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Boat transport Slapy, Orlík

Several ships regularly cruise the sprawling waters of the Orlík and Slapy reservoirs. You can use not only regular boat lines, but also cruise ships.

Since the 1960s, boat transport has been operating at the Orlík Reservoir. These are solid aluminum boats brought to Czechoslovakia from Lake Balaton. The ships are named Rožmberk, Vltava, Otava, Lužnice. Regular boat lines operate throughout the tourist season (from April to September) at weekends, and in July and August there is a public transport on the lake that transports tourists from camp to camp almost every hour.

In addition to regular services, there is a touring service - boats can be rented for parties, for a group of tourists or for a larger family celebration. The boat capacity is between 50 - 80 people. In addition to large boats, smaller cruise ships have been operating on the reservoir over the last decade. The small ships offer a great opportunity to admire both the unique medieval castle of Zvíkov and the neo-gothic castle of Orlík.

There are regular routs on the Orlík reservoir: Zvíkov → Štědronín,  Popelíky → Zvíkov Castle.

On Slapy: Slapy dam→ Nová Živohošť.

You can find out more about the local water transport on the companies' official website.