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Milada Lookout Tower

Nine-storey lookout tower above the Orlík dam.

The lookout tower, which rises to a height of thirty meters, was built by the private owner Radomil Kessel in 2017. It can be found under the hill Krchov in Predni Chlum above the Orlik Dam.

Visitors will appreciate two roofed observation points with a circular view. The observation tower was built above the right bank of the Vltava river and from the top, you can see the Sumava and its peaks such as Boubin, Libin, Polednik and Klet.

There is a former swimming pool Šefrovna under the hill, and on the opposite side of the Vltava river, on its left bank, there is a settlement of Žebrakov. Below it, there is the Kamýk nad Vltavou dam. Zduchovické skály in the north and the Altán (Gazebo) viewpoint are other dominant features, widely used by tourists from Kamýk nad Vltavou. The observation tower is located on the red tourist trail and near the red and blue crossroads.

Milešov nad Vltavou operates the 3 largest camps on the Orlík reservoir in its immediate vicinity - Trhovky, Bor and Popeliky. Directly on Popely, you can get out of the steamboat, which takes tourists to Orlík Castle and Zvíkov Castle; the pier is less than a kilometer from the lookout tower. From the dam of the Orlík reservoir, the distance on the blue trail is 1.5 km, the asphalt road is 4 km away.

The lookout tower is located in the Toulava tourist area.