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Třístoličník Trail for Capable Mountain Hikers

All-day Šumava hike all the way to the Austrian and German borders.

The route starts in Jelení. It is possible to get there by bus or car. From there, head upstream of the Schwarzenberg Canal. At the guidepost Hučina - Potok continue towards Plešné lake.

Plešné Lake
Plešné Lake is located on the 6th kilometer of the route. The view of Plešné Lake with its stone wall in the background is impressive. The beautiful image is only spoiled by bare trunks of lifeless trees that have been infested by the bark beetle. 

The upward path is really rocky, and great caution is necessary in rainy periods. There is a large column monument to Adalbert Stifter in the middle of the summit. And just behind the monument, you can enjoy an exquisite view of the lake and the surrounding area. From the top of Plechý there is a beautiful view of Austria. 

The way to Třístoličník follows the ridges and the route leads along the state border. There is a restaurant waiting for you at Třístoličník, and the Dreisessel rock massif, which can be climbed, is nearby. 

The return journey leads along the Třístoličná path, which later connects to the Trojmezná path. All the way back down to Jelení, you will follow the Schwarzenberg canal.

Trivia: From the top of Plechý you will see Austria, while from the top of Třístoličník Germany.