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Towards Svatojánské (Midsummer) Streams

A moderately strenuous circuit leading along the river with a final climb.

In the past, rafts and cargo ships were afraid of the legendary Svatojánské Streams. The Vltava River used to meander here, foaming in rapids, and the water was rubbing dangerous rocks. Today, this part of the river is flooded with the Štěchovice water reservoir, which links up with the Slapy dam from Třebenice, so the water is calm.

Nature Trail

You can enjoy the beauty of this section of the river on the 8.5 km long nature trail Svatojánské proudy, which was built in 1889. In 15 stops of the nature trail, you can read about the history of the villages Štěchovice and Třebenice, about Štěchovice and Slapy dams, natural attractions, rafting, tramping and, last but not least, the „midsummer streams“.

Dangerous, but beautiful

The trip begins in Třebenice. Follow the river along the nature trail. Be careful, you will go on rocky terrain and sometimes steep hillside above the Vltava, but with unique views of the river. Between stops 9 and 7 of the nature trail you will follow a rocky gallery with railings and through tunnels excavated in the rock.

Then you will go through the tramp settlement Ztracenka and walk up to Štěchovice.

Back along the 1st Czech Tourist Club trail

You will get back to Třebenice over the hill along the replica of the historically first KČT (Czech Tourists Club) trail. Alternatively, you can take a bus, or even a boat in the high season.