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To Houska Castle and back

Trip to the mysterious castle via the Vrátenská lookout tower.

You can reach Nosálov by car or bus. The blue-marked hiking trail leads from there. The commemorative plaque of Václav Frost (a prominent church dignitary, politician and writer) is located at the beginning of the route at the Holy Trinity Chapel.

To the lookout tower
After two kilometers on the blue trail you will find the Vrátenská lookout tower with a view of the rocky landscape of Kokořínsko, České středohoří, Jizerské mountains, and Krkonoše. The observation platform of the lookout tower is 25 meters high. The Vrátna lookout tower stands under the mountain of the same name.

To Houska Castle
The blue trail will lead you to the mysterious Houska Castle after about an hour and a half. Houska Castle is a massive Gothic castle with a dark past. We recommend a guided tour of the castle, which is said to be hiding the gate to Hell.

If you do not want to walk back to Nosálov, you can extend the route and reach the signpost Pod Houskou (less than two kilometers), where there is a bus stop.

Photo source: János Korom (CC BY-SA 2.0)