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Sail to Rabbit Island

On a boat or pedal boat to see rabbits on an island. Children's favorite.

A truly unconventional trip to see wild rabbits and guinea pigs on an island in the middle of the Lipno Dam.

Rabbit Island can be reached from any shipyard (rental) in Lipno nad Vltavou. The animals live here freely from April to November, and are transported to the hutch for winter. They can be fed and some even stroked. 

An employee of Lipnoservis cares for the animals on the island, and he also organizes commented feedings.

What do bunnies like to eat? 
The most popular delicacies include carrots, dry old bread or croissant, apple, chopped grass salad. Biscuits and other sweets, soft pastries or also tomatoes and other cruciferous vegetables are definitely NOT suitable.