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Golden Path: Volary - Prachatice

Follow the trail of the Golden Path with us.

The deep, vast and mysterious border forests have always been intertwined with important trade routes that linked the Slavic East with the Roman South and the Germanic West.

The most famous of these trade routes is the Golden Path. Come along with us on its route and discover interesting historical places in the area.

The trip begins in Volary and follows the first route of the Golden Path (Stožec - Volary), which is 20 km away. This route is nearly 18 km long and will lead you through a magical and mysterious landscape all the way to Prachatice.

Not to be missed on the route:

  • The Golden Path Tree Alley in Volary, which is truly exceptional and thus belongs among the protected memorial trees of the Czech Republic.
  • The Volary Stations of the Cross, which will take you to the Pod Kamenáčem Viewpoint. This view offers beautiful views of Volary and the surrounding countryside.
  • Ruins of Hus Castle from the mid-14th century. This castle served to defend the surrounding villages, but only for one century. Then it was conquered, set on fire and destroyed.
  • Former goldmine near the former Devil's Mill.
  • A natural monument Upolíny, in which a strongly endangered European Globe Flower grows.
  • An animal enclosure at Fefrov's Ponds, where wild boars, fallow deer, deer and sheep can be seen.