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Peasant Baroque of Jakub Bursa

Unique peasant Baroque buildings.

Peasant Baroque is characterized by distinctive columns and semi-columns in the layout of the shields, stylized spruce motif and various inscriptions. Many such buildings can be found in Prachatice and the author of most of them was a bricklayer - artist Jakub Bursa born in 1813. The distinguishing mark of his buildings is the eye of God framed by a triangle or a semicircle, the decoration being different according to the type of building. Important buildings include the estate No. 9 in Dolní Nakvasovice, the estates No. 27 and 13 in Bušanovice and the farmhouses No. 18 and 4 in Předslavice.

Zdroj fotky: Dingoa  (CC BY-SA 3.0)