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Around the Boubin Forest

For those who are not afraid of climbing and long hikes.

To the lookout tower
The trip starts in the village of Kubova Huť on a blue trail where the climb to the Boubín lookout tower begins, which is less than 5 kilometers from the parking lot. Here, the forest is no different from the forests as we know them, only here the fauna is richer with various kinds of insects, birds and frogs. The trail leads on rocks and exposed roots of the trees. At the top you can refresh yourself and enjoy the beautiful view. From above, you can see how the Boubín Forest differs from the surrounding "usual" forest. In good visibility, you can also see the peaks of the Alps.

Around the forest
From the observation tower, you will remain on the blue trail that will lead you along the Boubín Forest to the Boubín Lake. It is one of the most beautiful sections of the route. Rotting trunks covered with moss lying over one another are almost everywhere. There are also information boards about the history and natural attractions of the forest along the way.

Boubín Lake
On the way around the forest you will reach the Boubín Lake. Here you are allowed to dip your feet in the pond. The lake also once functioned as a water reservoir for the canal. There are several benches by the lake with tables for rest and snack.

From the lake, follow the blue trail, and then the green trail from the Lukenská cesta signpost. Along the way you will pass a natural monument called Jilmová skála (Elm Rock). From there it is only 5.5 kilometers back to the parking lot. In this section, you will be accompanied by a Forestry Nature Trail on your way back.