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Amongst Vrbenské ponds

A relaxing trip to the birds' paradise.

The trip takes you to the Vrbenské rybníky nature reserve with 193 bird species, of which 80 species nest here.

From the square of Budějovice you have to get to the housing estate Máj, where the city bustle ends. You can go through the city on foot or rather take a public transport ride; in fact, the city trip may not be appealing to everyone. Blue signs will lead you from the housing estate to the ponds. There are more than a dozen in the area, but the trail only leads around the biggest ones.

Bird noise

The first pond on the way will be Domin. We recommend a visit in the spring when gulls are nestling, which are reported to be between 2,000 and 3,000 pairs here, and their screams can be truly earsplitting.

In addition to the gulls, we can see wild ducks, geese, coots, pochards, herons, but also more rare species such as redcrested pochard, or common goldeneye.

Trees around the ponds also provide shelter for many species of bats and butterflies.