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Along the shore of Lipno Reservoir

Easy bike trip suitable for the whole family.

From the Frymburk square go to the ferry dock, where you will find the beginning of the Vltavská cycling trail on the left. The entire route runs along the banks of the Lipno Reservoir. On the way to Lipno nad Vltavou you will meet the Lipno Fairy, which stands on a rocky promontory. There is also a bench for tired tourists.

Lipno nad Vltavou
In Lipno nad Vltavou you can refresh yourself in restaurants and cafés on the promenade at the dock. There is also a children's playground nearby. Immediately behind the dock there is a man-made islet, where you can admire an art sculpture of a giant fish.

Another important point of the trip is the dam, where the hydroelectric power station is located. Behind the dam, put on display on the left in the parking lot, is the Francis turbine, the same type as you would find in the underground of the power plant, where it is powered by water and produces electricity.

Second bank - behind the dam
The other bank of the dam is usually more peaceful. The scenery is almost invariable all the way to Přední Výtoň, with a beautiful view of the water surface. Once you arrive in Přední Výtoň, you can refresh yourself in Hejrov Restaurant or Letní Restaurant. There is also a beautiful beach by the bike path in the village. It is not as busy as the other beaches around Lipno in summer.

The last 3.5 kilometers lead along the road (Přední Výtoň - Frýdava). From Frýdava you can take the ferry back to Frymburk (your children will probably really enjoy it).