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Along the River - Soumarský Most - Nová pec

Beautiful stretch of the upper Vltava river with regulated canoe traffic.

In this section, you will enjoy undisturbed canoeing with virtually no other tourists due to the necessary registration of paddlers. There are rest areas on the route, but no snack bars, so be sure to take your snack with you.

The whole section is located in the Šumava National Park. First, the river will meander in small curves around Soumarský peat bog. The first resting place (it is not allowed to get out of the boat elsewhere) is located by the railway bridge at Dobrá. After that, you will pass by Mrtvý luh (the Dead Meadows), and then you arrive at the tributary of the Cold Vltava (which rises in Austria not far from Haidmühle). There you will find other rest areas. Behind the bridge at Pěkná, you can finish the journey, or continue to Nová Pec

Canoeing is only allowed:

  • in May only on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, from June to October daily
  • canoe or kayak
  • at a water height of at least 50 cm (current state)

To get a sailing permit, you need to register online, pay a fee and arrive at Soumarsky Bridge 15 minutes before the ordered hour. More information on the Šumava National Park website.

Pro lepší orientaci v úsecích poslouží i this overview map.