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Along the river - Lenora - Soumarský most

The most beautiful part of the upper Vltava River.

This section is short but beautiful and with a minimum of paddlers. Here you will not find drunken canoers and snack bar on every kilometer, but you can enjoy a peaceful canoe trip. Rafting is forbidden here.

Canoeing is only allowed:

  • 1.5. - 31.10. daily from 08:00 to 20:00
  • canoe and kayak only
  • if the level is at least 45 cm (current state)

There are no refreshment stations on the route. However, this section can be linked to the next one, from Soumarský bridge to Pěkná. However, it is required to register ships in advance.

This overview map will serve for better orientation in the sections.