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Along the river - Branná - Nové Spolí

Second part of the most popular middle section of the Vltava river.

The second part of the most popular section of the Vltava for canoeing or rafting. In 1 day you will arrive in Český Krumlov, but if you decide to paddle some more, you can go all the way to Zlatá Koruna.

Canoeing and rafting

The minimum required water level is 60 cm. You can find the current water level on the Vltava River Basin website.

There are a lot of snack bars waiting for you and these checkpoints (mileage calculated from Vyšší Brod):

  • 20.6 km: Camp Branná and Camp U Fíka
  • 24 km: Camp Vltava
  • 25.6 km: Camping Viking
  • 25.6 km: Camping Viking
  • 30.1 km: Weir Větřní - Pečkovský mill
  • 31.9 km: Weir near Papouščí Rock
  • 32.2 km: Camp Vltavan
  • 32.8 km: Camp Český Krumlov

The entire central section of the Vltava from Vyšší Brod to Boršov is very popular with tourists. The busiest time is the first week in July, which we recommend to avoid.