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Along the Bear Trail

A beautiful stretch of a bear path full of rock formations.

The start of the route is in Ovesná at the railway station, not far from the beginning of the trail. The route leads along a yellow-marked trail. The whole path is full of rock formations made of Pleknstein granite, and observation points. The rocks you meet along the way are named according to the shapes they resemble (Boletus, Giant Cubes, Wobble).

Perník (Gingerbread) Mountain
Roughly past the second half of the route there is still a possibility to climb up the Perník Mountain, the way up is about 300 meters long. On the top of the mountain we find beautiful rocks with very interesting views.

Jelení jezero (Deer lake)
A few hundred meters behind the Perník Mountain, we encounter the Deer Lake, which was once built to improve navigation conditions in the nearby Schwarzenberg Canal.

End of the route - Jelení vrchy (Deer Peaks)
At the end of the trail in Jelení Vrchy, the trail commemorates the history of floating timber, and Medvědí stezka (the Bear Trail) and the Schwarzenberg Navigation Canal meet here. In Jelení Vrchy (Deer Hills) you can see the lower portal, a 420 m long tunnel of the Schwarzenberg Canal.

You can go back from Jelení Vrchy by bus. Waiting for the bus can be shortened at the local snack bar.