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All-day Šumava circuit from Borová Lada

Easy trek through the beautiful nature of Šumava.

The route starts at the parking lot in Borová Lada, where you can also stay, eat and go shopping. We recommend having a snack here, because there is no snack bar on the route.

From Borová Lada, follow the green marked trail towards Chalupská moore, which will be awaiting you after less than two kilometers. We recommend you to leave early and enjoy this beautiful place without any other tourists until 9 am.

On about the eleventh kilometer, you will go past a turning to the Alpine View and enjoy the view of the Alps, if the weather is good. There is also a bench and a steel plate with a relief of the Alps on the viewpoint.

Later, you will walk through the majestic protected trees - linden and beech on Černá Lada.

At the end of the route, you can stop by the Owl Voliers near the parking lot, where you left off.